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Request from the field
Level 20 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Project Greenskin
Mission Start Robert Kaufman
Mission End Dr. Greg Lenk

I have a doctor in the field, Greg Lenk, looking into VIPER's plans for Grond. {name}, head over to Sidewinder's Spur to lend a hand, because I fear VIPER intends to either control Grond, or create more monsters just like him! Lenk is just south of Snake Gulch.

- Robert Kaufman


Find Dr. Greg Lenk. He is stationed just south of Snake Gulch and his GPS is on.


In Progress[]

Trouble finding Dr. Lenk? He's south of Snake Gulch, north of VIPER's Project Stein lab. Lenk is probably near his cargo truck.

- Robert Kaufman

On Completion[]

Good to see you, {name}!

- Dr. Greg Lenk