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Restless Ghost
Restless Ghost
Faction Burnside Ghosts
Level 9-13
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burnside
Instance Haunted Mine
Faction Symbol Burnside Ghost 001
There is a supernatural threat in the old town of Burnside. A Curse of Mystical Concealment prevents me from telling you more. But perhaps I could find a way to counter the curse if you could collect some ectoplasmic residue from the Burnside ghosts. Burnside is in the west of the middle area of Uranium Flats.
- Witchcraft -- Mission Introductory Text: Phantasmal Acquisition

Restless Ghosts are the spirits of those who once lived in the town of Burnside, awakened from death to walk the sands of the Desert once again; the super villainess Talisman has raised these ghosts, as well as the other spirits of Burnside to do her bidding.

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