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Rid Len
Rid Len
Master Villain
Faction The Maniacs
Level 17
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Coordinates 2480, 21, -1425
Faction Symbol The Maniacs 001
The Maniacs and the Cult of the Red Banner are as different as night and day, but they share the same code. They both respect force, if you defeat their leaders, Maniac Leader Rid Len and Red Banner Clan Lord Qi, you could buy the freedom of Quan Qi and Anton Romero. Just think, {name}, you'd help clean the streets and, at the same time, give a happy ending to one of Westside's greatest love stories! Rid Len is located at the basketball courts northeast of the docks on Maniacs' territory. Clan Lord Qi is located northeast of WCOC Television Station in the Red Banner territory.
- Lin Qi -- Mission Introductory Text: Freedom Frays

Rid Len is the brother of Anton Romero and leader of the Maniacs, a gang of thugs based out of the West Side of Millennium City. Len disapproves of his brother's girlfriend, the daughter of a clan lord of a rival gang, the Cult of the Red Banner.

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