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Right Off the Bat
Level 2 Mission
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Mission Start Foxbat
Mission End Objective Completion

I was, um, reconnoitering the area when an enormous group of Qularr attacked me. I managed to drive them off, but during the fighting I dropped a case of weapons I was carrying.

I have to go marshal my forces and drive back these alien invaders, so I don't have time to recover the case. As a token if gratitude, if you find the case, you are welcome to keep the weapon inside. I think I dropped it just west of the ambulances.

- Foxbat


Foxbat's Weapon Case
Foxbat's Weapon Case

Recover the weapon from Foxbat's lost case west of the ambulances.


  • Find Foxbat's Weapon Case


  • You need to free Foxbat from underneath some rubble before he will offer this quest
  • The case is located just to the north, at coordinates 7792, 201, -1502



Perk Objective[]

Knowledge Save the City