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A supervillainess with water control powers.


Convinced she could make it big as a singer, Margie Preston ran away from her home in Iowa to the Big City shortly before her eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately, what awaited her was not stardom, but poverty and misery. With just ten dollars in her pocket when she arrived, she was easy pickings for a handsome guy at the bus station who offered to “help her out.” Unlike so many girls trapped in these desperate circumstances, Margie didn’t wind up working the streets. The man she met was a Brother in DEMON. He gleefully turned her over to his masters for their dark rituals. Seeing her as good fodder for “an experiment,” one of the Morbanes cast a spell that bonded her with a water elemental. He hoped to obtain a servant with the powers of the elemental, but the pliability of the scared and easily-dominated girl. What he got was a superhuman too powerful for him to handle. Crazed with fear and newfound power, Margie smashed her way out of the Demonhame and into the streets. Somehow she eluded capture by both DEMON and the police long enough for her wits to return. She realized she could never go back home now — and she couldn’t become a rock star, either. But as long as she had superpowers, she intended to live the life of luxury she’d always dreamed of!


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