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Rivalry for the Relic
Level 15 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start A Secret Sale
Mission End Defender

From the clue you found, it seems that a Red Banner Cultist has stolen a mystic relic that PRIMUS was transferring from the Desert. He plans to sell it to the evil organization known as DEMON.


Find the Relic before DEMON gets it.


Mission Notes[]

  • The dead Red Banner Cultist can be found in West Side, surrounded by DEMON mobs. -- (/loc 935, 31, 2150)
  • DEMON's Buyer is a Wandering Magi, located in New Purple Gang territory north of the prison.

Objective Examination[]

The corpse of the cultist is at the right location for the sale you found out about, but it looks like his only payment was a painful death by some kind of magic spell. There's no sign of the stolen relic he was selling, but he drew a rough map on the ground in his own blood showing his assailant's escape route to the south east.

It's still fresh.

You may still be able to catch the killer and recover the amulet.

- Dead Red Banner Cultist -- Upon Examination

On Completion[]

The Edomic Amulet! Witchcraft told me about how her sister Talisman used this against her in the Desert. And SOCRATES just delivered a report from PRIMUS about the theft. Looks like you uncovered the sale just in the nick of time, {name}!

It makes me wonder, though. Why all this trouble over this thing?

- Defender


  • 7,400 Exp
  • 3 Resource100 93 Resource