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Robbing the Robots
Level 19 Repeatable Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Snake Gulch
Mission Start Tyrell Donaldson
Mission End Tyrell Donaldson

The Cowboy Robots in Snake Gulch weren't much different from any other machine... cars, MP3 players, toasters. At least, not until they had personality chips installed in them. That made them more susceptible to be reprogrammed for evil. But if you can confiscate some of those personality chips, it will sure help us to get Snake Gulch back under control.

- Tyrell Donaldson


Collect 20 Personality Chips off the Cowboy Robots in Snake Gulch.


In Progress[]

Have you retrieved those robot personality chips yet, {name}! Confiscating those chips will go a long way towards us restoring some semblance of normalcy to the Snake Gulch Cowboy Robot Amusement Park!

- Tyrell Donaldson

On Completion[]

Thanks for getting those robot personality chips back, {name}. As everyone knows, all robots will ultimately turn evil and turn on their masters, but this is especially true of robots with personality chips.

- Tyrell Donaldson


  • 9,800 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 25 Resource