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Robert Caliburn
Robert Caliburn
Friendly • Contact
Instance Dr. Ka's Brownstone
Coordinates -294 315 278

The "Magnum Mage" of Vibora Bay, a mystic who wields enchanted guns against the forces of darkness. This has earned the nickname "The Magnum Mage."

Before he was Robert Caliburn, the Magnum Mage, and a contender for the all-powerful position of Archmage, Robert Caliburn was simply Robert Cole, a grunt soldier in the Vietnam War. Everything changed for him the day he found a hidden jungle temple and stole away with the powerful Flame Gem, one of four powerful Elemental Gems of Mankind.

Following the whispers of the gem, he traveled the world and became a powerful arcane warrior, a formidable sorcerer who has never forgotten the value of a loaded pistol at his side. Prophecies say that Caliburn is to be a key player in the war between Heaven and Hell.


- Robert Caliburn

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