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Rounding Up Rads
Level 5 Mission
Zone Desert Disaster
Mission Start Robert Kaufman
Mission End Robert Kaufman

Mission Chain

Robert Kaufman

[5] Assault on Greenskin
[5] Rounding Up Rads

[6] A Question of Suppression
[7] A Second Helping

Colonel Vanderbilt
[7] Doomsday Clock Ticking
[8] Radiation Domination

Back in the 1950's, the army did all sorts of nuclear testing here. The fallout from those tests is what created all these Irradiates. Collect the Uranium Rockets those Irradiates are planting near the Grond statue after they blew it up.

Remember! Those rockets are live! You'll find the Uranium-Strapped Irradiates down the stairs of Greenskin, by what remains of the Grond statue.

- Robert Kaufman


Collect 5 Uranium Rockets used by the Irradiates to destroy Project Greenskin.


  • Gather Uranium Rockets (0/5)
  • Return to Project Greenskin Director Robert Kaufman

In Progress[]

Thos blasted Irradiates are destroying this outpost! Please, {name}! Hurry back out there and disarm those Uranium-Strapped Irridiates!

- Robert Kaufman

On Completion[]

Excellent work, {name}! I'm impressed. That was a very brave thing you did, facing those Uranium-Strapped Irradiates.

- Robert Kaufman


  • 2,800 Exp
  • 1 Resource100 61 Resource


Perk Objective[]

Knowledge Out of the Wasteland