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Sabotaging the Snake
Level 13 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone The Rime Woods
Mission Start Dr. Karl Severisen
Mission End Dr. Karl Severisen

Mission Chain

Dr. Karl Severisen

[13] Into the Serpent's Clutches
[13] Sabotaging the Snake

[13] Klaus Unsheathed
[12] City Of The Future

I have been observing VIPER's field labs for a few days now. The experiments they are performing are unethical, illegal, and cruel. I need you to sabotage these labs and end the "research" going on there.

- Dr. Karl Severisen


Disrupt research at each of VIPER's field labs in the Rime Woods.


  • Stop VIPER Field Research
    • Destroy Gadroon Eggs (0/10)
    • Free Human Test Subjects
    • Free Captured Bigfoot
  • Return to Dr. Karl Severisen

In Progress[]

I've heard reports of screams coming from the VIPER lab known as The Clutch. There's no doubt they are performing horrible experiments in there. We need to shut it down, before any more innocents fall under the scalpel of VIPER madmen!

- Dr. Karl Severisen

On Completion[]

You did good work out there. I fear you only stirred up the snake's nest, no pun intended, and your most challenging battle is yet to come!

- Dr. Karl Severisen


  • 6,500 Exp
  • 2 Resource100 84 Resource


Choose One:
PO Items Science Gadgets 15 V6 Dimensional Conduit PO Blueprints 001a Doerksen Tech
PO Script 001a Sweet Science PO Lamp 001a Synaptic Accelerator


Perk Objective[]

Lore Pop the Clutch