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Serpent Lantern
Level (Variable) Mission
Instance UNTIL Forward Base
Mission Start Major Rashida Kwame
Mission End Major Rashida Kwame

Mission Chain

[Variable] Serpent Lantern

[Variable] Recon
[Variable] Deactivate The Generators
[Variable] Stop the Ritual in the Underground Temple

Welcome, (name). This VIPER base is one of their older ones, but they have recently begun to move supplies and troops into the area. It is twice as fortified as it was even a week ago. We are unsure what they are doing and why just yet, but this level of troop movement is unusual and worrisome.

- Major Rashida Kwame


UNTIL has been watching a VIPER complex on a small island off the coast of Africa. They've been there for some time, but in the last week or so there has been an extreme increase in activity. Major Okonkwo and her people are in need of some serious help.

They suspect that the recent rise in activity may mean dire things for the rest of the world. Will you travel to our forward base and help Major Okonkwo, (name)?

The transport jet in the room behind me is waiting to take you there.


Help UNTIL's Project Snakechamer thwart VIPER's latest plan!

In Progress[]

Have you stopped VIPER's plot?

The transport to the Forward Base is in the room behind me. The pilots are ready to go when you are!

- Major Rashida Kwame

On Completion[]

Well done, (name)! Well Done! Commander Okonowo has already sent me her report and we are all impressed! Thanks to you, VIPER has been dealt a huge blow and the world is a much safer place.

- Major Rashida Kwame


  • (Variable) Exp
  • (Variable) Resource