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Serpentine Caverns
Serpentine Caverns
Level (Variable)
Zone UNTIL Forward Base
Coordinates 2427 835 1488

"Serpentine Caverns" is an interior instanced mission map accessible from UNTIL Forward Base. It is the location of one set of objectives of the mission Stop the Ritual in the Underground Temple, given by Fulani Okonkwo.


The entrance to the "Serpentine Caverns" instanced mission map is located in the UNTIL Forward Base at (2427 835 1488).

Mission Location[]

Instance Objectives[]


The Secrets of Nama: Serpentium (Inscription at (350 32 89))[]

The inscription on the stone reads:

"Hear these, the words of Nama The Great, as recorded by his loyal servant and High Sepent Mage.

The Enemies of the Serpent must be removed by any means necessary. Defeat thy enemies and drive them before you, O Children of the Serpent, for their lamentations are sweet. Banish thine enemy to the far reaches of the world if thou canst not defeat him in combat.

We give unto you this gift of crimson crystal, lifeblood of the Earth, may it empower your rituals in this sacred place. We name it Serpentium and wish for you to use it for the glory of the Serpent. Wear it in honor of me and great power be thine, Mage. Place it upon the Stony Body of the World to work greater feats of magic.

Go forth, Children, and win the world!"

The Secrets of Nama: Viperia (Inscription at (450 23 504))[]

The inscription on the stone reads:

"And the Elders named her "Tuwi-shande" after the storms that left the land in ruins. The name was apt, for none could control the wild daughter of the Serpent.

No spear could pierce her flesh and none dared lay a hand upon her. For sport she searched the lands for signs of battle, daring each side to kill her when she found them. Laughing when they tried and failed, she stood upon the broken bodies of the mightiest warriors.

"Help us, Great Serpent!" the defeated warriors cried. "We have laid aside our differences and made this long journey to beg you to stay your daughter's hand!"

Nama laughed at their complaints, but considered their words, for his daughter was formidable and none that yet lived marched her in power. And so Nama called to his daughter and ensorcelled her. His daughter would sleep until such time as there were warriors equal to her might in the world."