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Sheriff Robo
Sheriff Robo
Master Villain
Faction Cowboy Robot
Level 20
Zone The Desert
Subzone Snake Gulch
Instance Sheriff Robo's Saloon
Faction Symbol Cowboy Robot 001
Did you ever visit Snake Gulch before VIPER reprogrammed the robots? I loved the act where robot sheriffs tangled with cowboy robot outlaws. But now the robot deputies enforce a new law: "Kill all non-VIPER humans." We need to stop these deranged law-bots, including the robot Sheriff calling the shots. The deputies are patrolling Snake Gulch the second tier down of the theme park. Once you've got enough of them, you can find Sheriff Robo in his Saloon on the bottom level of Snake Gulch. You're gonna want to be extra careful in that saloon though, I hear Sheriff Robo likes to have a lot of "friends" around him at all times.
- Brandon Thomas -- Mission Introductory Text: You Fight the Law

Sheriff Robo is the leader of the law-bots of Snake Gulch. Reprogrammed by VIPER engineers, he and his deputies patrol the old-west amusement park searching for trespassers; any humans not belonging to VIPER are to be executed.


Mission Objective[]


Perk Objective[]

Faction Symbol Cowboy Robot 001
Faction Symbol Cowboy Robot 002 Buckaroo
Faction Symbol Cowboy Robot 003 Cowpuncher

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