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Supervillainess who can shrink in size, even becoming small enough to enter the Microverse if desired.


In the biochemistry labs at Bio-Investigations Ltd., Diana Whitmore enjoyed a not particularly pleasant reputation as a prankster and practical joker. She couldn’t stand it if someone played a joke on her, but could never resist the opportunity to make someone else the victim of an elaborate prank. One day, she was setting up a prank that would make her stuffy old labmate, Sherry Bridwell, fall on her butt and slide right out into the hall. Unfortunately, she didn’t watch what she was doing, and slipped and fell herself — but slid the wrong way, right into a shelf full of test tubes and beakers. As the shelf collapsed on her, she was doused with the results of Project 37B-12, “Analysis of Growth Hormones in Mammals,” and Project 51R-23, “Mutative Biochemistry.” Diana woke up in the hospital. At first everyone thought the accident hadn’t had any effect — except to cost her her job — but she soon discovered she’d somehow gained the power to shrink down to a quarter of an inch tall! She began experimenting, and soon discovered all sorts of other things she could do with her new superpowers. It’s amazing what a quarter-inch-tall woman can accomplish if she sets her mind to it. Eager for fame and glory, Diana joined the Sentinels as Shrinker, a probationary member. She learned a lot in her months with the team, but she soon began to think the self-sacrificing life of a hero just wasn’t for her. These guys were all work and no play; it just wasn’t any fun. Then, one day, when the Sentinels battled the Ultimates, Shrinker was nearly disintegrated by one of her own teammates! He claimed he hadn’t known she was so close — after all, he couldn’t see things that were so small — but she was pretty sure he’d done it deliberately, to get rid of her. Well, if they didn’t want her, fine! In a huff she quit the team and stormed out. She decided it was no big loss. Being a hero was boring. With her powers, she could have a lot more fun as a supervillain! Just to prove how good she’d be at it, she snuck back into Sentinels headquarters, got inside their master computer, and made it activate the sprinkler system while everyone was asleep. Laughing so hard she could barely fly straight, she beat a hasty retreat. Since then, Shrinker’s been doing quite well for herself as a villainess. She finds her criminal career a lot more satisfying than being a hero — not to mention a lot more lucrative.


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