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Signal Ghost

A member of Project Mongoose.


Lisa Sutherland was a professional thief. She’d always had a wild, romantic streak while growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and spent a lot of her time reading paperbacks full of dashing thieves and roguish pirates who defied law and convention with great style and joie de vivre. So, while she maintained her identity by day as a clerk in a small used book�store, at night she broke into shops, banks, and the homes of wealthy suburbanites. In the summer of 2002, however, her life changed dramatically. While ransacking an old warehouse in Milwaukee she found a secret passageway to a sub-basement. The sub-basement contained a hidden laboratory, complete with strange devices, several wall-hangings depicting the infamous VIPER logo, and a middle-aged man at a worktable, dead (heart attack, it looked like). On the worktable lay a white suit lined inside with microcircuitry. Lisa decided to get the heck out of there before anyone from either VIPER or the law found her, but she couldn’t resist taking the suit in case it might be worth something to her usual fences. Once she tried on the suit she realized she was ready for the big leagues. The strange outfit generated multidimensional energies that let her “rotate” herself partially out of phase with the three-dimensional universe. While wearing it, she could walk through walls! It also included state-of�the-art hologram technology that let her project illusions or become invisible. After finding the suit, Lisa took her thievery to a whole new level. Calling herself Signal Ghost, she stepped up to the big leagues of superpowered crime. She recruited a “gang” (mostly old high school friends) and began specializing in “impossible” crimes. Her main targets were the high-tech corporations and laboratories of Millennium City; she’d get past their security, take whatever looked valuable, and sell the loot to a fence specializing in technology. Her crimes became more and more brazen, and eventually the city’s superheroes took note. That didn’t bother her... but the fact that VIPER had found out that Dr. Razukov was dead and his suit was missing did. Soon Signal Ghost was spending nearly as much time avoiding VIPER (and sometimes ARGENT) as she was planning and committing crimes. Eager for a way to turn the tables, she joined the superhero Nighthawk’s new team Project Mongoose in 2006. She worked closely with Mongoose for a couple years, striking back at VIPER as much as she could, but eventually it became boring. Although she remains loosely affiliated with the team and helps it out whenever she can, these days she’s mostly back to her old larcenous tricks.


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