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Signal to Noise
Level 3 Mission
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Mission Start Mayte Sanchez
Mission End Holographic Silverback

Mission Chain

Sergeant McAvoy



[1] Heroes Wanted
[1] Seeding Frenzy
[1] Gear Up
[1] Chip off the Old
[1] Millennium's Mayor

Mayor Calvin Biselle

[1] Mayor's Mementos
[2] Mail to the Chief

Chief Surhoff

[2] Citizens Distressed
[2] Prescription Retention
[3] Silver Avenger Sandwich

Mayte Sanchez

[3] Signal to Noise

Holographic Silverback

[4] Full Metal Jacket
[4] Homestead Security


[5] Picking up the Pieces

There's nothing better than being hip-deep in aliens to start your day! As you can probably see, we're in a bit of a jam, here. Our vehicles are disabled and we are surrounded. Doctor Silverback sent us here on a mission and we're not getting it done circling the wagons.

Silverback detected alien energy waves in the city. They seem to be agitating the aliens and may have even provoked the attack. Silverback needs more precise information on how they affect the bugs. This energy is so strong it seems to have driven some of the Qularr insane.

Take this sonic pacifier and use it on some of the Enraged Drones in the block closest to the Champions Building. It temporarily stuns them and takes readings on their brain activity.

The Qularr are putting up transmitters that may block the waves. I need you to knock out the control console for at least one of these antennae. My scouts report three of the transmitters, one to the north, one to the west, and one to the southwest.

What do you say? Can I count on you? Silverback has fired a hologram communicator into the area near the Champions Building. Take the sonic pacifier there when you finish.

- Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez


Use the sonic pacifier on 3 Enraged Qularr. Destroy 1 command console.


In Progress[]

How goes the bug zapping? Have you been able to get near those consoles?

Once you finish up, take the gun and data west to Doctor Silverback.

- Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez

On Completion[]

Just jack the pacifier into the rocket pod and the data will download automatically.

Hmmmmm. Interesting. This data pattern looks very familiar.

- Holographic Silverback


  • 1,300 Exp
  • 2 Resource 64 Resource


Choose One
SD Items Armsbody 01 V03 TCC Hazard Suit SD Chest Bare 001a PRIMUS Cryo Gas
SD Arm Bare 001a PRIMUS Biofeedback SD Chest Bare 001a Qularr Energy


Perk Objective[]

Knowledge Stop the Invasion