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Silver Avenger Sandwich
Level 3 Mission
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Mission Start Chief Surhoff
Mission End Mayte Sanchez

Mission Chain

Sergeant McAvoy



[1] Heroes Wanted
[1] Seeding Frenzy
[1] Gear Up
[1] Chip off the Old
[1] Millennium's Mayor

Mayor Calvin Biselle

[1] Mayor's Mementos
[2] Mail to the Chief

Chief Surhoff

[2] Citizens Distressed
[2] Prescription Retention
[3] Silver Avenger Sandwich

Mayte Sanchez

[3] Signal to Noise

Holographic Silverback

[4] Full Metal Jacket
[4] Homestead Security


[5] Picking up the Pieces

As rough as things are here, it gets worse the closer you get to the Champions Building.

One of my top operatives, Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez, is pinned down with some MARS troops a block west of here. She reports being attacked by Qularr from both sides.

Sanchez was on a mission for Doctor Silverback. He has some theories about how to defeat the aliens, but he needs more data. Sanchez won;t be able to gather that data if she's busy fighting for her life!

Could you check in with her and assist her in any way you can?

- Chief Surhoff


Talk to Mayte Sanchez a block west of Chief Surhoff's position.


In Progress[]

Sanchez is reporting more hostile movement in her sector. She won't be able to hold out for much longer.

- Chief Surhoff

On Completion[]

You're a sight for sore eyes! We're getting hit from both sides.

- Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez


  • 130 Exp
  • 26 Resource