Champions Online Wiki
Level 13 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burnside
Mission Start Witchcraft
Mission End Witchcraft

Mission Chain


Edomic Orb

Karathos Circlet

Now that I am free of the Curse of Mystical Concealment, I can finally tell you the truth: my evil sister Talisman captured me, took me to the Haunted Mine and is holding me captive with a Curse of Frigid Despair. It takes all my energy to produce this astral projection, and I'm afraid my time is running short. Talisman tells me I must submit to the Circle of the Scarlet Moon or perish. Hurry, {name}, I sense she is growing impatient with me, and readying the materials for a ceremony to sacrifice me to the dark gods. Talisman has made her lair in the Haunted Mine near the graveyard of Burnside, west of the town.

- Witchcraft


Go to the Haunted Mine, defeat supervillainess Talisman and free Witchcraft.


Mission Notes[]

  • Entrance to instanced mission map the Haunted Mine can be found just north of the Burnside graveyard. -- (/loc -2785, -20, 520)
  • The mission can be completed by speaking to Witchcraft after completing the escort portion of the mission, before leaving the Haunted Mine.

In Progress[]

There is no point in delay. For every moment you waste, my malevolent sister Charm grows more powerful!

- Witchcraft

On Completion[]

I owe you a great debt of gratitude. When I return to Millennium City I will talk to by beau, Defender, and put in a good word for you, should ever a spot on the Champions open up.

- Witchcraft


  • 13,000 Exp
  • 3 Resource100 2 Resource


Choose One:
PU Ring 002a Circlet of the Scarlet Moon
PU Pendant 006a Talisman's Brooch PU Pendant 005a Marduk's Boon
PU Rod 002a Witchcraft Charm PU Items Mysticism Accessories 04 V2 Talisman's Ring of Control