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Six Feet Under
Level 10 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Mission Start Lt. Steven Fisher
Mission End Lt. Steven Fisher

Mission Chain

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[8] The Hunters Hunting

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Hunter-Patriot Lieutenant
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[10] Awful Undead Offal

Lt. Steve Fisher
[10] Six Feet Under
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Capt. Susan Connors
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Giant Brain's Astral Projection

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[9] Troubles in Rime Woods

My team and I were out cleaning up the mess the zombies left, when we were ambushed! We were caught by surprise, but can you blame us? The last thing we were expecting was more zombie trouble! This guy calling himself Mr. Zombie started to bury us alive. I think he's trying to create more zombies.

Please, {name}, my team is in trouble and I can't take this guy on. I barely managed to escape the first time! I hear you are pretty handy in this sort of situation, {name}. Can you give my team a hand?

- Lt. Steven Fisher


Save my teammates! They're buried in the snow on the hill south of Steelhead.


  • Find the buried team members! (0/6)
  • Return to Lt. Fisher

Mission Notes[]

  • Each snow pile searched will spawn either a missing team member or a level 9 Ice Zombie.

In Progress[]

Have you found my teammates yet?

- Lt. Steven Fisher

On Completion[]

Thanks, {name}! I'm so relieved you were able to help the soldiers in my unit!

- Lt. Steven Fisher


  • 5,100 Exp
  • 2 Resource100 67 Resource