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Skeleton Spree
Level 18 Help a Citizen Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Team Size 1-5
Mission Start Concerned Citizen
Mission End Objective Completion

Hey, help! I just saw some guys crawl into the sewers over there and I think they're up to no good. It might be worth looking into, don't you think?

- Concerned Citizen


What good can possibly come from the Black Aces being hired by DEMON to steal some skeletons? Get those skeletons back before DEMON gets their hands on them!

Recommended team: 1-5


  • Collect Skeletons (0/6)

Mission Notes[]

  • The entrance to the Skeleton Spree mission map can be found in West Side, beneath a sewer manhole cover. -- (/loc 1200 1 -2195)

On Completion[]

Good work! You trounced some of the Black Aces and turned them over to the police!


  • 8,800 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 17 Resource