Champions Online Wiki
Faction The Maniacs
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side

Slashers are Henchmen-level enemies and members of the Maniacs villain group.


Faction Symbol The Maniacs 001
Slashers are low-level members of the Maniacs, a gang based out of the West Side of Millennium City. Despite their status in the gang, they are deadly opponents that enjoy employing large knives in a fight. They are normally encountered as part of a group of other gang members of similar status, or in the company of a more powerful member of the Maniacs.

Blade Man Mobs[]


Perk Objective[]

Faction Symbol The Maniacs 001
Pop Psychology
Faction Symbol The Maniacs 002 Rubber Room
Psyche Ward

Variant Costumes[]

Like many enemy mobs in the game, Slashers can take various forms, each slightly different but all following in a single theme. However, they are one of only a handful of mobs that can be encountered as both males and females.