Champions Online Wiki

Powers characters in Champions Online can acquire are Passive, or Slotted Passive. Passive powers include the line 'Does not need to be slotted in order to function ' or 'Innate Passive' in the description, and are always active. Slotted Passives, however, require a bit more in order to function.

What's a slot?[]

Every character has 1 Passive slot, located above the normal 2 rows of powers. For a Slotted Passive to give it's benefits, it needs to be placed here. However - not all slots are the same, and not all Slotted Passives can be put in the same slots.

Slot Types[]

There are 4 slot types - Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Balanced. The type of slot a character has depends on which Combat Role they are currently using.

Each Slotted Passive power will tell you which types it can use in the description, however the Balanced slot type accepts any Slotted Passive.

Power List[]

Here is a list of all Slotted Passive powers currently in game.

Power Slot Type Framework
Molecular Self-Assembly Support Gadgeteering
Aura of Clarity Support Sorcery
Aura of Destruction Support Sorcery
Aura of Majesty Support Sorcery
Aura of Protection Support Sorcery
Personal Force Field Defensive Force
Invulnerability Defensive Power Armor
Lightning Reflexes Defensive Martial Arts
Defiance Defensive Might
Regeneration Defensive Supernatural
Electric Form Offensive Electricity
Fire Form Offensive Fire
Ice Form Offensive Ice
Quarry Offensive Archery
Targeting Computer Offensive Power Armor
Focus of the Unleashed Tempest Offensive Dual Blades
Focus of the Untamed Warrior Offensive Fighting Claws
Focus of the Unconquered Swordsman Offensive Single Blade
Focus of the Unfettered Warrior Offensive Unarmed
Ego Form Offensive Telekinesis
Shadow Form Offensive Darkness