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Super villain who's the leader of the Elder Worm race; he possesses mental and mystical powers.

Champions - Elder Worm, The Slug


Vanquished Slug

Champions RPG[]

1982 Slug

Slug (1982)

Slug was introduced as a human transformed into an Elder Worm in the Enemies II supplement book in 1982.

Mike Perkins was a brilliant archeologist working on a dig somewhere in Egypt. With trembling hands, he uncovered the ruins of an ancient tomb that had been buried for thousands of years. Ignoring the rumors of a curse that his laborers were whispering about, Perkins boldly entered the tomb alone. In his explorations of this labyrinth, Perkins came across a strangely glowing gem, that somehow compelled him to place it on his forehead. When he had done so, the gem stuck there, and began to alter his body and mind, changing him into something out of Earth’s distant past. Armed with the Mindgem along with a humidity suit of his own making, the SLUG now added the mystical Ankh to his arsenal before emerging from the tomb to begin his quest to revive the race of the Elder Worm - a race of which he was now a member.


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