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Snake Gulch

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Snake Gulch

A dude ranch nearby to Stronghold. The mysterious new owner has been moving in some unusual equipment for a would-be tourist trap.

Belle Steele's Introduction to Snake Gulch[]

Howdy, partners! Welcome to the Snake Gulch Dude Ranch!

My name is Belle Steele, and I'll be your guide to all there is to see and do in the Wild West!

My daddy's a fella by the name of Tyrell Donaldson, and he created Snake Gulch to give all your tourist folk a chance to play the 1864 way! But since it ain't 1864 no more, he made some … accommodations for modern technology.

I'll let you in on our little secret: All the residents of Snake Gulch are robots. Yep, robots. My daddy made 'em, and they're something to see! The sheriff 'round these parts has got more than a tin star, he's got a whole dang tin body!

You do me a favor and don't tell none of the cowboys what you know. They think they're real cowboys, and it wouldn't be right to hurt their feelings.

Now, I'm happy y'all are here and all, but I've got to warn ya: This ain't the best time to be visiting Snake Gulch. And I'd best tell you good folk what happened.

Things were pretty fine here at Snake Gulch for a long time. We had lots of visitors having fun and learning to rope and ride – the saloon and the hotel on Main Street were full every night! But then … well, it's been mighty tough around these parts for the past few years.

First the government moved alla them there supervillain types into the mountain over yonder, and tourists don't take to being within a stone's throw of a prison. We kept goin' as best we could, but when Grond showed up and started smackin' four people at once, well, that was pretty much the end of the good times down here at Snake Gulch.

It was real quiet down here for a long time, and we'd gotten used to being by ourselves. Then these here snake fellas moved in, and that's when things went from bad to plumb terrible.

They're some real desperados, they are, and they've done something to the good folk of Snake Gulch. Turned 'em mean. You better watch your step in Snake Gulch these days – you make the wrong move, and some ornery cowpoke might just fill your hide fulla lead!

I don't like them snake types at all. What cowpokes they didn't make crazy, they took to the junkyard! They're rebuilding some of the robots, and I don't even want to see what they're gonna make. Murder machines … it's just awful!

These are some sad, sad days in Snake Gulch. And unless you've got a hankering to strap on a six-gun and clean up the town, I'd advise you to mosey along.

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