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Snake Gulch Main Arc
Snake Gulch Main Arc
Lore Perk
Zone The Desert
Subzone Snake Gultch

Snake Gulch Main Arc is a Lore Perk.


Discover what's happening in Snake Gulch.


"Snake Gulch Main Arc" is a Lore Perk that can be earned within the Desert, in the old-west amusement park Snake Gulch. The Cowboy Robots of the amusement park have turned on the human visitors, and the reason for this revolt is unknown.


Lore Entry

What happened to Snake Gulch? What could turn a once-thriving amusement park filled with the laughter of children and the antics of Tyrell Donaldson's cowboy robots into a nightmarish machine-made danger zone? When you looked into the broken eyes of the robotic genius who had once hoped his creations would spread joy, as he asked you to destroy them before they could cause more harm, you knew that discovering ehat had gone wrong in Snake Gulch would have to be a priority.

The first real clue came as you undertook the grim business of wrecking cowboy robots. You started to notice that thier AI chips had been modified, and that more than a few of those modified chips had a familiar serpentine logo on them. Once you'd gathered enough, Tyrell was able to confirm your suspicions. His robots hadn't malfunctioned, they'd been reprogrammed by VIPER! You fell on VIPER's mechanists and weaponsmiths, rousting them from their re-fitting bays and make-shift robot re-programming facilities. It will be some time before Snake Gulch can be fully reclaimed, but Tyrell is determined that it can be done. The only question is, why was VIPER trying to drive people away from Snake Gulch in the first place?