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Snake Gulch Minor Arc
Snake Gulch Minor Arc
Lore Perk
Zone The Desert
Subzone Snake Gultch

Snake Gulch Minor Arc is a Lore Perk.


Take care of the troublemakers of Snake Gulch.


"Snake Gulch Minor Arc" is a Lore Perk that can be earned within the Desert, in the old-west amusement park Snake Gulch. The Cowboy Robots that populate the park have been reprogrammed by VIPER, and stopping them is the only way of returning the park to its former glory.


Lore Entry

Tyrell Donaldson wasn't the only one trying to bring Snake Gulch back under control. Major Brandon Thomas of PRIMUS was also in the area, working with Tyrell to contain the threat and search for signs of VIPER's influence. But you also found an even stranger ally in one of Tyrell's few creations that had retained some free will, the indomitable Belle Steele. Working with them you were able to clean up Snake Gulch, defeating many of the Gulch's most dangerous residents, from the mad miner Fred C. DOS to the evil Sheriff Robo. With so many of the town's worst vandals and villains defeated and VIPER's robot-controlling radio silenced, maybe Snake Gulch will be a quieter place.