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Something Fishy
Level 11 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Mission Start Lt Douglas McKenzie
Mission End Lt Douglas McKenzie

Mission Chain

Lt Douglas McKenzie
[11] Stop Corruption of the Food Chain
[11] Something Fishy

[12] Investigation Awry
[12] Toxic Takedown

[11] Assist Dr. Severisen

We've begun to get reports if VIPER shipping dangerous and toxic substances in to the Rime Woods area. I'm willing to bet they're the ones causing the mutations in the wildlife. We need to find out what they're up to, {name}, and see if we can't find a way to stop the contamination. Follow the path north of Force Station Steelhead over the ridge and head east to the river. Investigate anything suspicious and take some samples.

- Lt Douglas McKenzie


Investigate the suspicious VIPER activity in the river and take samples of toxic materials and contaminated fish.


Mission Notes[]

  • Entrance to Mission Instance Something Fishy is located on the river in the Rime Woods. -- (/loc -520, -8, 2810)

In Progress[]

Have you managed to obtain those samples? Don't worry, the bio-waste should not have any adverse effects on you... I think.

- Lt Douglas McKenzie

On Completion[]

Woah, woah! Under-water testing grounds? Flesh-eating fish? Mutant Super-soldiers? Whatever VIPER's up to, it's bigger than mutant wildlife and it's definitely no good. We need shut down this operation and fast!

- Lt Douglas McKenzie


  • 5,500 Exp
  • 1 Resource100 82 Resource


You Will Also Recieve:
PO Power Replace Marts Dualvibro Sharktooth Clubs


Perk Objective[]

Lore The New Pollution