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Star Guard (Champions Beyond)

The Star*Guard is an organization that was founded a million years ago on the planet Odrugar, whose members are dedicated to protecting the peoples of the Galaxy from all sorts of dangers, threats, and menaces. Its warriors, or Star Guardians, all wield a powerful weapon called a Star*Staff or Star-Staff and those whose body types are unable to carry that weapon, have its powers built into their helmet or suit. The Star*Guard base in Earth's solar system is located on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. Currently, the Guardian of Earth's region is Andre Almena.


Ever since the death of its founder over a million years ago, the Star Guard was been led by CONTROL, a gigantic sentient computer, the most sophisticated thinking machine that had ever been created. Which sought out evil and cruelty for the warriors of Star Guard to combat. The computer was able to maintain telepathic contact with dozens of Star Guards. CONTROL also used its telepathic circuitry to scan worlds, searching for sentients with the intelligence, bravery, and moral fiber to undergo Guard training on the Star Guard's homeworld, Odrugar. The Star Guard lacked any type of hierarchy, as it consisted of CONTROL, the Council of Overseers of Odrugar, and thousands of StarGuards.

The Milky Way galaxy was divided into 24 quadrants by the Council of Overseers, wedge-shaped slices of the galaxy. Which in turn were further divided into sectors, of varying sizes. Due to the galaxy's size, not all of the sectors had a Guardsman assigned to them, as there were not enough Guardsmen and not all sectors require a Guardsman. Some sectors consist of multiple square parsecs of mostly uninhabited space, there are sectors that have a single heavily inhabited solar system (which is often threatened), and even sectors that were created for purely administrative purposes. If a sector that doesn't have a Guardsman needs the involvement of Star*Guard, the Council will usually send the nearest Guardsman available to investigate. Sectors which are assigned a Guard have a Star*Base, which is an Odrugaran-built facility. It's where the Guardsman lives, a facility that is simultaneously a fortress, a police station, and a luxury resort. Star*Bases are usually located far from any inhabited centers to avoid collateral damage if the facility was attacked.

Since 2009, Star*Guard has had a hierarchy and new structure to go along with it. Due to the devastating attack by Mordace on the planet Odrugar and CONTROL, several changes were forced on Star Guard as CONTROL lost (permanently or temporarily), many of its psionic abilities. The Overseers of Odrugar had to implement a rank system, in which Star Guards were given ranks that were based on their experience, tenure, and skills. New recruits were assigned the lowest rank (Guardsman Blue), and worked their way up.

The Star Guard rank system from lowest to highest ranks:

  • Commander
  • Warden
  • Captain
  • Sentinel
  • Guardsman Gold
  • Guardsman Silver
  • Guardsman Blue

Usually StarGuards are assigned to a specific sector and deal with any threats that may emerge by themselves, but the rank system comes into play if the situation requires the deployment of two or more Guardsmen on a mission. Groups of Guards are normally called "squadrons", and unless the Council of Overseers says otherwise the squadron is commanded by the highest-ranking Guard in the group.

Assisting the StarGuards are usually "Marshals", groups of one to give non-superpowered "civilians" who live in that sector's Star*Base. These civilians earned the attention of the Star Guard, because of the skills they possess, how they handled themselves in a crisis, or some other factor. Marshals get to live in the Odrugaran-built facility, have access to its amenities and technology, and are well paid. It's a life of adventure for them, but one with risk that may result in a Marshal being crippled or killed. StarGuards usually try to have a diverse group of Marshals, therefore they may mix species and genders to end up with the most efficient group. The Guards though care most about their Marshals abilities and results, so that gets priority.

Due to CONTROL having lost its pyschic link with the Guardsmen, self-reliance is now a requirement of their job. As every Guardsman is an intelligent, heroic, noble-minded, and moral individual, they usually end up making the right decision. The problem arises when a crisis that present itself is one that skirts the edge of the policies and codes of Star*Guard, usually when it concerns local politics. Normally the Council would be consulted by a Guardsman, which would give permission for that Guardsman to intervene in a war, overthrow a tyrant, or help a regime fight an opposition movement. Unfortunately the Guardsman often doesn't have time to consult the Council.

Star*Guard Code[]

The code of the Star*Guard is as follows:

  • A StarGuard must strive to preserve sentient life whenever possible, and must never use deadly force unless absolutely necessary for the defense of himself or others.
  • A StarGuard must not interfere with the activities of local planetary, interplanetary, or interstellar governments without the express permission of the Council of Overseers.
  • A StarGuard must respect the cultures, traditions, and laws of the civilizations in his sector, where such things do not contradict other tenets of the Code or inflict significant harm that a Guardsman believes, in his best judgment, must be prevented.
  • A StarGuard must honor all request for help from other StarGuards unless circumstances prevent him from doing so.
  • A StarGuard will not interfere with the natural evolution or disintegration of a civilization without the express permission of the Council of Overseers.

The Present[]

Due to Mortace's devastating attack on the Star*Guard, the organization has been at its weakest since the dark years of the Malvan-Elder Worm War. It currently has nearly 10,000 members from dozens of species. Who not only have to deal with the loss of CONTROL's psychic link with the Guardsmen, but the continued activities of some of its greatest enemies (Mordace and Xarriel) and the freeing of several other great threats (e.g. Queen Lyrane and Valak the World-Ravager).