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Stop the Invasion
Stop the Invasion
Lore Perk
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Perk Points 10

Stop the Invasion is a Lore Perk.


Stop the Qularr attack on Millennium City.


"Stop the Invasion" can be earned by completing a series of missions, which when combined culminate in the conclusion of the game's Tutorial. It is exclusive to the tutorial, and cannot be claimed after a character leaves the zone. Like all Lore Perks, it is accompanied by a Lore entry.


Lore Entry

Earth's defenders were already working on ways to stop the Qularr. Mayte Sanchez, the PRIMUS Silver Avenger assigned to Millennium City, had been working with the super-intelligent gorilla Doctor Silverback to find a weakness in the Aliens that might help defeat them. You used Dr. Silverback's Sonic Pacifier against the Qularr, and discovered that it had a strange effect on the nearly berserk aliens. As Silverback analyzed the information, you teamed up with Ironclad, the mighty alien gladiator and member of the super-team The Champions, as he defended a massive cannon being assembled outside of Champions Headquarters to bring down the Qularr mothership. Meanwhile, Doctor Silverback had discovered something amazing that could change everything: The Qularr were being drawn towards the city from the depths of space by a homing signal emanating from inside Champions HQ!

You entered the base, only to find yourself in the middle of a battle between the Qularr and hostile robots. These robotic soldiers were Destroids, the minions of Dr. Destroyer, the infamous villain lord thought dead who had leveled the city of Detroit in a titanic battle years ago. You fought your way through and linked up with Defender, team leader of the Champions, and together you pushed through the swirling melee to reach the signal generators, only to face a Black Talon suit. These deadly machines were built by Dr. Destroyer,a nd had not been seen since his death. You managed to defeat it, shut off the signaling devices that had driven the Qularr to attack, and made it to the control room where you activated the cannon, launching Ironclad through the Qularr forcefield into the heart of the alien mothership, bringing it down.

The invasion over and the day saved, the citizens of Millennium City and your fellow heroes turned out to give you a hero's welcome. New threats would curtail the celebration. Distress calls were already coming in from other parts of the world, and the potential return of the world's greatest supervillain threatened to cast a shadow over your victory. Only time will tell waht will happen next, but you have proven your power and resolve against the greatest of odds. So savor this moment of triumph. Though the future is uncertain and new threats always loom from the shadows, heroes like you can and will rise to whatever challenges may come. For you are the Champions, and set the example for us all.