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Mission given in Canadian Wilderness by Officer James Kandy ( -88 / 45 / -2643 )

Appropriate Level: 26

Complete mission by speaking to: Jason Breer ( -206 / 101 / -3562 )

Mission Briefing[]

Steelhead Division got a message from an editor at the Millennium City News about an American reporter. He was last seen in this region and his name is Jason Breer. He was working on a piece about ARGENT. Could you take a look around for him? If something happens to Breer, it could spark an international incident!


Find reporter Jason Breer ( -206 / 101 / -3562 )

You will receive:[]

12,500 Exp
3 Resource100 72 Resource

You will be able to choose one of:[]

Harmons Industries Contacts; Endothermic Bio-Booster; Super-Supplements; Paranormal Research Device

Important Info[]