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Stop the Ritual in the Underground Temple
Level (Variable) Mission
Instance UNTIL Forward Base
Mission Start Fulani Okonkwo
Mission End Fulani Okonkwo

Mission Chain

[Variable] Serpent Lantern

[Variable] Recon
[Variable] Deactivate The Generators
[Variable] Stop the Ritual in the Underground Temple

Because of the chaos, we have been able to gather a few more facts. The supreme Serpent, the leader of VIPER, is here to enact some type of ritual in a temple inside those caves. He has brought a whole cabal of Serpent Mages, but what is worse, he has brought Viperia with him.

Viperia is probably VIPERs most powerful weapon, (name) and that alone tells us how important this ritual is to them. You will not be able to take her out with brute force, but our analysts believe we can use some of VIPER's own tricks against her. Collect the red crystals you find. They call it Serpentium and it is sacred to the Cult of Nama, the Great Serpent. We think it can be used with a Banishment Ritual of the Serpent Mages to get rid of Viperia long enough for you to get inside the Temple.

Get into temple and subdue any High Mages you can find. After that, stop the ritual. We now know that the Nyoka Nuru, the Serpent Light or Serpent Lantern, is in there with them and probably key to the ritual. There has been some dissention within VIPER in the last decade that the Supreme Serpent has been trying to squash. I suspect this secret operation might be an attempt to consolidate his power base.

The world might not survive a more powerful and unified VIPER, (name). We have to stop them.

- Fulani Okonkwo


Discover a way to neutralize Viperia, enter the temple and stop the summoning.


In Progress[]

Hurry to the caverns! you must stop the Supreme Serpent's plans!

- Fulani Okonkwo

On Completion[]

You have done it? You have stopped the ritual? Thank goodness! I was worried for a moment there, (name). While the Supreme Serpent may have escaped, you defeated the Spirit of the Serpent Lantern and stopped VIPER from becoming more powerful. That is a very great accomplishement. The world thanks you for your help, (name).

- Fulani Okonkwo


  • (Variable) Exp
  • (Variable) Resource