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Student Buddies
Level 1 Escort Mission
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Mission Start Melanie
Mission End Breanna Biselle

Did you know my friend Breanna is the Mayor's daughter? I've been trying to call her, so her dad can send someone to get me out of here. I keep getting a busy sugnal, though. Did Mayor Biselle send you to get me?

These aliens are really creeping me out, you know? Can we get out of here? Pleeaase? Stay close by. Regular bugs scare me, these aliens totally give me the heebie-jeebies.

- Melanie


Escort Melanie back to Breanna. Stay close or she might get scared and run away.


On Completion[]

Wow. Melanie is pretty shaken by the whole thing, but I think she'll be okay. She said you were incredible, though!

Thank you for helping my friend!

- Breanna Biselle


  • Escort Melanie to her friend Breanna Biselle, near the mayor.
  • Melanie stops and cowers in fear if any Qularr are near her - kill them to move on.
  • If you're having trouble finding Melanie, someone else may have recently rescued her. She'll be back if you wait a short time.
  • This quest is required for the Save the City perk.


  • 400 Exp
  • 97 Resources


Perk Objective[]

Knowledge Save the City