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Subzero Servant
Level 8 Mission
Zone Canada in Crisis
Mission Start Justiciar
Mission End Ravenspeaker

Mission Chain

[5] The Ordeal of Oceanica 408

[7] Oceanica's Other Threat
[7] Passengers in Permafrost
[6] Shepard's Cry
Oceanica Passenger J.J. Shepard
[7] Lost in the Snow

[8] Subzero Servant

[8] Into the Storm

These ice demons did not appear by accident. They are organized, and we think we know who is giving the orders. The creature responsible is a powerful ice demon by the name of Tulzorgat. Of course, Tulzorgat is not ultimately responsible for this storm, but I bet he's a servant of whoever -or whatever- is. This necklace will allow you to summon the infernal creature. Confront Tulzorgat, and I'm confident he will lead us to whatever foul force is behind this devastating blizzard.

Ravenspeaker says that you must summon Tulzorgat in his place of power, which by astonishing coincidence is just to the east of here, around some ice spires. I'll put it on your GPS.

Once you have defeated Tulzorgat, pay Ravenspeaker a visit. He's Steelhead's resident mystic. He's used his magic to hold back the storm, and he will want to know of your success.

- Justiciar


Use magical necklace to summon Tulzorgat around the ice spires near the Oceanica wreckage.


In Progress[]

Have you faced the ice demon lord Tulzorgat yet? Do not waste any time. I assure you that foul creature is key to discovering who or what is behind this terrifying mystical upheaval!

- Justiciar

On Completion[]

Good job, {name}! But I fear your greatest challenge has just begun, and we have very little time, because this storm seems to be growing worse!

Tulzorgat held the scroll that allows you to access the Portal to the Frost Tomb. There are forces of evil inside that portal-the same ones responsible for this storm. I believe only you have the strength to go into this portal and stop this threat. Fortunately, with this scroll, you now have the means.

- Ravenspeaker


  • 8,200 Exp
  • 5 Resource100 13 Resource


Choose One
SO Fist Bare 003a Starforce Training SO Items Science Gadgets 01 V12 Cybernetic Targeting Reticle
SO Items Science Gadgets 13 V1 Cryogenic Stabilizer SO Arm Bare 001a Mental Discipline