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Take You to Their Leader
Level 20 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Mission Start Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez
Mission End Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez

Mission Chain

Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez

You've got the Gadroon on the run! That's the good news. The bad news is they are stepping up their invasion plans, and have dispatched a courier with Battle Plans to bring to their Invasion Leader even as we speak. If we get a hold of the plans, though, we can use it to our advantage.

The courier is coming from the Gadroon hideout, northwest of City Hall. The Gadroon don't have a very keen understanding of human fashion, so their disguised Gadroon courier will appear as a human wearing red, striped pants. Follow the disguised Gadroon, and then use your holographic disruption glasses to confirm this is actually a disguised Gadroon. He is carrying the plans that show you the location of the secret warehouse to the Invasion Leader.

Once you have the battle plans, find the Invasion Leader hiding spot and defeat him. Just a heads up, I hear the warehouse is located near the courier's original place of residence.

- Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez


Collect Gadroon Battle Plans from the Disguised Courier and defeat Invasion Leader.


In Progress[]

Hurry, we need those Gadroon Battle Plans! We have a chance to nip a full scale alien invasion in the bud-but only if you don't dawdle!

- Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez

On Completion[]

Thank goodness, {name}! When you defeated that invasion leader, you did not just save Millennium City. You might have saved the entire world.

- Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez


  • 19,400 Exp
  • 9 Resource100 0 Resource


Choose One:
SO Items Science Gadgets 15 V3 High-Voltage SO Items Superserum Eyes 03 Icy Glare
SO Items Arms Gadgets 09 V12 Frighteningly Well-Armed SO Items Superserum Largebicep 03 PRIMUS Aura


Perk Objective[]

Lore The Truth is Right Here