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Talents are special powers that increase a character's base statistics (Strength, Dexterity, etc.) and are purchased with Talent points gained at predefined levels.

Talents can boost either 1, 2, 4, 5, or all 8 stats at once, by varying amounts.

Boosts one Stat by 8[]

Name Stat Boosted
Mighty Strength
Agile Dexterity
Enduring Constitution
Brilliant Intellect
Indomitable Ego
Intimidating Presence
Tireless Recovery
Energetic Endurance

Boosts 2 Stats by 5[]

Name 1st Stat 2nd Stat
Martial Focus Stength Dexterity
Physical Conditioning Strength Constitution
Body and Mind Strength Intellect
Professional Athlete Strength Ego
Impressive Physique Strength Presence
Relentless Strength Recovery
Bodybuilder Strength Endurance
Acrobat Dexterity Constitution
Coordinated Dexterity Intellect
Shooter Dexterity Ego
Finesse Dexterity Presence
Impresario Dexterity Recovery
Accurate Dexterity Endurance
Healthy Mind Constitution Intellect
Ascetic Constitution Ego
Shrug It Off Constitution Presence
Quick Recovery Constitution Recovery
Boundless Reserves Constitution Endurance
Academics Intellect Ego
Diplomatic Intellect Presence
Negotiator Intellect Recovery
Investigator Intellect Endurance
Showmanship Ego Presence
Worldly Ego Recovery
Daredevil Ego Endurance
Lasting Impression Presence Recovery
Prodigy Presence Endurance
Amazing Stamina Endurance Recovery

Boosts 4 Stats by 3[]

Name 1st Stat 2nd Stat 3rd Stat 4th Stat
Covert Ops Training Strength Dexterity Constitution Intellect
Martial Training Strength Dexterity Ego Recovery
Paramilitary Training Strength Constitution Endurance Recovery
Discipline Training Strength Endurance Intellect Presence
Sniper Training Dexterity Ego Endurance Presence
Command Training Intellect Ego Presence Recovery

Boosts first 3 Stats by 3, last 2 Stats by 2[]

Name 1st Stat 2nd Stat 3rd Stat 4th Stat 5th Stat
Survival Training Dexterity Constitution Presence Endurance Recovery
Field Ops Training Constitution Intellect Ego Endurance Recovery

Boosts all Stats by 2[]

Jack of All Trades