Identity Pamela Duquesne
Race Human
Gender Female
Base of Operation Southwest Desert
Powers Darkness

Talisman is one of the villains in Champions Online. She is the sister of Witchcraft.

In Champions Online Edit

Talisman's greatest drive is the defeat of her sister, the super heroine known as Witchcraft. It is this objective that draws the villainess to the Desert, to the remnants of the old west ghost town of Burnside. By using her abilities to summon and bind the spirits of those who called the town home, she succeeded in creating a mystical disturbance powerful enough to catch her sister's attention and draw her to the region. Talisman captured her sister, cursing her and holding her captive in the Haunted Mine just north of Burnside's cometary.

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Origin Edit

Talisman LSI

A loading screen illustration of Talisman from Champions Online.

Pamela Duquesne is hot stuff, and she knows it. She’s also evil stuff, but she doesn’t really care about that. As far as she figures it, good and evil don’t really matter. What matters is getting what you want, and being the best. She goes by the name Talisman now – it’s a lot cooler than Pamela – and she has a history of both getting what she wants and being the best. She was born into a witching family. Both Mommy and Daddy were dark witches in the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. So far, a perfect setting for a gal like Talisman. Except for one thing: her twin sister.

Where Talisman was selfish and self centered, her sister Bethany was kind and generous. Where Talisman was outgoing and sexy, her sister Bethany was shy and awkward. All of which was horribly annoying, but not enough to cause a major problem. The problem was that where Talisman was tremendously magically talented, so was Bethany! It was completely unfair. Talisman didn’t think she should have to share the limelight with a wimp like her sister. Fortunately, little Bethany was too nice and wishy washy to really take to their parents’ teachings. Talisman, on the other hand, soaked up every nasty spell and dark magic that she could. She excelled.

It was no surprise to her when, on their 18th birthday, as they were being inducted into the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, Bethany freaked out and ran away. Good riddance was all she thought about the issue. Talisman stepped forward, swore the oath, and began to learn all the darkest and most powerful magics she could.

In time, she moved past the Circle. They were too caught up with their own petty politics, and didn’t have the kind of breadth of scope she really wanted. She left and found other teachers. For a time she studied with the sorcerer priests of DEMON. Later she studied with the Dark Seraph. Other times she seduced powerful magic workers into teaching her their secrets. So long as she got more and more power, she didn’t care what she did. If she had to be nice to someone, she could fake it. If she had to sacrifice an innocent child, she could do that, too. Don’t think she’s a complete book worm, though. She does plenty of stuff besides studying. For example, going out on the town, partying, being adored, committing crimes. After all, being a supervillain is just another kind of power. She uses her Darkness powers to commit crimes and battle enemies.[1]

About Talisman Edit

The one thing in the world that irritates her more than anything else is seeing her sister succeed. That’s right. Little wimpy Bethany became Witchcraft, one of the Champions. Talisman would just love to take her down. She nearly did it once, too, but was only able to curse her sister.

Unlike Witchcraft, who has studied a variety of different magics, Talisman has focused solely on her Darkness powers. She’s very powerful, but not very adaptable. She’s also petty and vindictive.

So long as she’s getting what she wants, she’s happy. Taking out her sister would make her very, very happy.

References Edit

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