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Talos's Bodyguard
Talos's Bodyguard
Faction The New Purple Gang
Level 17
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Faction Symbol The New Purple Gang 001
Now that we have a New Purple Gang Costume for you, we can tackle a pretty serious problem. Waylon Talos is a deranged genius, notorious for making weapons for the highest bidder-especially if the highest bidder hates superheroes like Talos does. He's working for New Purple Gang leader Kevin Poe, which makes for a dangerous combination. Wearing your New Purple Gang costume, you can get by Talos' bodyguards and sneak into his workshop. The entrance is past his bodyguards, to the right. Hurry, We need to know what Talos has been up to before I can authorize a full-scale raid on the New Purple Gang hideout.
- Kodiak -- Mission Introductory Text: Talos Takedown

Talos's Bodyguards have been assigned the task of watching over the weapons genius Waylon Talos, brought in by New Purple Gang leader Kevin Poe to arm his followers, as well as to supply his enemies with faulty weapons. Talos has also been assigned a special project by Poe, and these bodyguards are positioned outside his warehouse in West Side to ensure he remains undisturbed while he completes his task.

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