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Talos Takedown
Level 17 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start Kodiak
Mission End Kodiak

Mission Chain

Chief Surhoff


Now that we have a New Purple Gang Costume for you, we can tackle a pretty serious problem. Waylon Talos is a deranged genius, notorious for making weapons for the highest bidder-especially if the highest bidder hates superheroes like Talos does. He's working for New Purple Gang leader Kevin Poe, which makes for a dangerous combination. Wearing your New Purple Gang costume, you can get by Talos' bodyguards and sneak into his workshop. The entrance is past his bodyguards, to the right. Hurry, We need to know what Talos has been up to before I can authorize a full-scale raid on the New Purple Gang hideout.

- Kodiak


Infiltrate New Purple Gang territory and get information from Waylon Talos.


Mission Notes[]

In Progress[]

Look, I know you can't be too excited about dressing up like some stooge from the New Purple Gang, but we're not going to get the information we need from Waylon Talos until you do!

- Kodiak

NPC Rendezvous[]

OK I'll squeal! Kevin Poe has hired me to make him weapons for the New Purple Gang. At the same time, he's got me supplying his enemies with weapons that don't work! It's all part of his plan to take over the street gangs in Millennium City!

- Waylon Talos

On Completion[]

Good job with Waylon Talos. You put enough of a scare into him that he immediately dropped dime on his boss Kevin Poe. And you will not believe what Talos has been making for him! He's been tinkering with a weapon for Poe that will produce a psychic explosion that will lobotomize anybody with mental powers... do you know how many people that could effect in this crazy town?!?

- Kodiak


  • 8,300 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 9 Resource


Perk Objective[]

Lore Purple With Rage