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You can attack, control, strengthen, or soothe the minds of your foes or allies. You have excellent support and healing powers, as well as crowd control abilities.

Recommended Characteristics[]

Innate Characteristics[]

Helix Mind Reader
This is the innate characteristic for Telepathy.
+5 Constitution +5 Endurance +5 Strength +5 Dexterity
+5 Intelligence +12 Ego +12 Presence +5 Recovery


Tier 0[]

No Requirements

Icon Name Type Description
Psi Lash Energy Builder Assault your foe with this psychic attack, damaging their body as you ready yourself for greater attacks.
Ego Blast Ranged Attack Ego Blast assaults your foe's mind.

Tier 1[]

Requires 1 power from Telepathy or 2 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Ego Placate Crowd Control You are able to subtly convince the target that you are not a threat, never mind that you just beat up a nearby group of their friends.
Ego Sleep Crowd Control The strength of your mind forces slumber over your enemies.
Ego Sprites Close Area Attack This ability unleashes sprites composed of psychic energy to assault and harass your enemies.
Empathic Healing Healing Using the power of your trained mind you are able to speed the healing of wounds.
Telepathic Reverberation Buff Self Telepathic Reverberation allows you to drain the mental energy from the enemies around you under your thrall.

Tier 2[]

Requires 3 powers from Telepathy or 5 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Mind Lock Crowd Control Flashing lights, spooky voices, a barrage of twisting images– One of your mental assaults will certainly confuse your target.
Psionic Healing Healing You are able to use your mental training to heal yourself and your allies.
Psychic Vortex Crowd Control Creates a feedback loop in the minds of your enemies, causing them to take damage whenever they attempt to harm another.
Summon Nightmare Summon You manifest a psychokinetic nightmare that assaults your target with haunting and brutal attacks.

Tier 3[]

Requires 5 powers from Telepathy or 8 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Collective Will Summon You draw on the will of the universe to summon entities which will wear down your enemy's resistance to your power.
Ego Storm Close Area Attack Summon a storm of mental energy and press it into action, damaging the foes daring enough to come close to you.
Mindful Reinforcement Healing Activating this power is a true statement of mind over matter, granting your target a damage absorbing shield, which can heal your target.

Tier 4[]

Requires 10 powers from Mentalist and completion of Vibora Bay Crisis

Icon Name Type Description
Mind Link Close Area Attack This telepathic link allows you to share pain amongst the enemies around you by forging a psychic bond that forces them to feel the pain of others.


  • None of the powers in this Framework scale directly with the Ego statistic, despite having the word in their names.

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