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Temblor's Orders
Temblor's Orders

Temblor's Orders is one of seven interactive objects that contribute to the Perk The Crowns of Krim.


Temblor's Orders can be found in the Haunted Mine, as part of a stack of papers found near the mine's entrance after escorting Witchcraft to safety.

Interactive Object[]

Mysterious Note
  • Coordinates -- (/loc -160, -1105, -3185)

Object Text[]

Your orders are simple. Observe Talisman’s operation in the ghostly town of Burnside, but do not interfere. Hide yourself within the stone, Temblor, where you may see, but remain unseen. In particular, watch for the appearance of a fledgling hero called {name}. The name appeared in the entrails of a sacrificed lawns and indicated it would come into conflict with Talisman. However, the sacrifice died before I could learn further details. Once you have information, withdraw. Eclipse may need aid in his search for the Basilisk Orb in the North.
But as you go, do this:
Leave these orders behind for this {name} to find. I would have this pest know that we are watching.
Dark Seraph


Perk Objective[]