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The Brains Behind the Breakout
Level 16 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start Location
(/loc 2218, 162, -412)
Mission End Chief Surhoff

I just received some very disturbing information about who arranged this jail breakout, and why. It was VIPER! They only want the most ruthless and dangerous hoodlums to bring into their ranks, and what better place to find those unsavory types than jail? There's a recruiter giving a spiel to a bunch of prisoners even as we speak. You can find him on the top floor of the construction site directly West of the jail. And after all the chaos he's caused to our fair city, I'm not going to complain one bit if he's a little bruised up after you bring him to justice!


Defeat the VIPER recruiter at construction site West of the jail.


Mission Notes[]

  • The VIPER Recruiter is located on the top floor of the building under construction. -- (/loc 2224, 148, -300)

On Completion[]

Ha! We'll see how many new VIPER agents that recruiter gets from inside his new home-solitary confinement!

- Chief Surhoff


  • 15,800 Exp
  • 8 Resource100 2 Resource


Choose One:
SU Test Tube 001a Venom Tracer SU Items Martialarts Torso 05 V01 Mongoose Strike
SU Items Science Gadgets 02 V4 Serpentine Node SU Chest Vest 004a Snake Scale Skinsuit


Perk Objective[]

Lore Breakout of the Big House