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The Glasses Menagerie
Level 19 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Mission Start Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez
Mission End Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez

We don't want to set off a panic, but an extraterrestrial race known as the Gadroon have infiltrated Millennium City. They are living among us, hidden by holographic technology that makes them appear human. Our research into the technology was stolen by Dynamic Technologies, an ARGENT subsidiary, and unless we get that technology back, we'll never be able to determine who is an innocent, endangered Millennium City citizen, and who is an alien invader pretending to be a citizen! Check out the loading docks behind the Dynamic Technologies lab and see if you can find our missing tech in the crates there. The Dynamic Technologies Lab is west of City Hall.

- Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez


Go to the Dynamic Technologies Lab and recover 10 holographic disruptor parts.


In Progress[]

Did you get that stolen tech from ARGENT yet? A Gadroon settlement in Canada has recently been discovered, so the frog-like extraterrestrials may be stepping up their invasion plans.

- Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez

On Completion[]

Terrific work, {name}. Admit it, tangling with those ARGENT thugs really is the ultimate adrenaline rush, isn't it?

- Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez


  • 9,300 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 25 Resource


Perk Objective[]

Lore The Truth is Right Here