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The Harrowing Book 1: Of the Old Man and the Five Kings is one of eight interactive objects that contribute to the Perk The Harrowing.


"Of the Old Man and the Five Kings" can be found in Force Station Steelhead, in a pile of books near the Mysticism Trainer Sedana.

Interactive Object[]

Book of Strange Lore
  • Coordinates -- (/loc -1015, 45, 960)

Object Text[]

Many were dying, and though I would have preferred to see to their healing, I had my orders from the Abbot to take the old man’s confession and transcribe his ravings. The old fool said that he was the last of his kind, a druid, and that he had walked paths between worlds unseen. I dismissed it, but the things he described chilled me terribly:
“I shall tell you of the Kings of Edom, those whole ruled this world before our world even was,” he said. “For I have seen them in their prisons. I have walked with the Ravens of Dispersion, and sought wisdom from the Lords of the Jeweled Spider. And I have learned the natures of the Five Kings of the terrible Cannibal Hall. They are the survivors of worlds before outs, beings of cruelty and malice unimaginable, so powerful they can only be imprisoned. I have done terrible things to gain this learning, only to lean that it is too much to bear. I will share the burden of my knowledge, though I pray it will not drive you to a similar madness.”


Perk Objective[]

Lore The Harrowing