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The Inferno is a ranged archetype in Champions Online.


You control the devastating element of fire, creating and shaping it to your will. Whether hurling flaming projectiles or erupting into a deadly firestorm, you leave a blazing swath of destruction in your wake.

Ranged Description[]

You deal good damage from a distance, but are weak in melee combat and can take less damage than other roles.

Tip Description[]

You have ranged area attacks that cause damage over time. You can't take a lot of damage though, so be sure to hit your targets hard enough to take them down or recruit a tough ally who can take the damage for you. You can also absorb energy from fire around you, so you become most powerful when you set things on fire. Light things up and feel the burn!


  • Fire Mutation
  • Flame Mage
  • Magma Creature
  • Plasma Control Suit
  • Pyrokinetic

Innate Characteristic[]

The Inferno (innate characteristic)


Power Progression[]


  • Level 10: Recovery Tree
  • Level 20: Avenger Tree
  • Level 30: Guardian Tree
  • Level 40: Mastery