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The Maniacs are a street gang operating out of Millennium City, based out of the district of West Side. Known for their outlandish appearance and demeanor, they're embroiled in a gang war with other gangs in the area, including the New Purple Gang, the Black Aces, and the Cobra Lords. They also hold no love for the Cult of the Red Banner, a relatively new arrival in West Side.


The Maniacs are a relatively small-scale street gang, at least in comparison to some of their rivals, run by a man by the name of Rid Len. They claim the territory south of the Millennium City Prison, from the park extending to the docks, including the well-known criminal watering hole Leo's Bar. The group comes into frequent conflict with the New Purple Gang, the Black Aces, and the Cult of the Red Banner, all of which control territory surrounding the Maniacs' holdings.

Maniacs Perks[]

Faction Symbol The Maniacs 001
Pop Psychology
Faction Symbol The Maniacs 002 Rubber Room
Psyche Ward

Maniacs Mobs[]


Crackpot 001 (West Side)
Loony 001 (West Side)
Slasher 001 (West Side)
Crackpot Loony Slasher


Madman 001 (West Side)
Psycho 001 (West Side)
Madman Psycho

Master Villains[]

Maniac 001 (West Side)