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Fragment #4: "The Menace of Mgatrraor"
Annotated Book, Mutated PRIMUS Camp

Fragment #4: "The Menace of Mgatrraor" is one of eight interactive objects that contribute to the Perk Qliphothic Lore.


Fragment #4: "The Menace of Mgatrraor" can be found in the Burning Sands, a pile of books located in a tent within the mutated PRIMUS camp.

Interactive Object[]

Annotated Book
  • Coordinates -- (/loc -1205, 68, -1690)

Object Text[]

“The Worm Priest screeched as the might blade cleft him in twain. The carcass split from shoulder to gullet, revealing the writhing maggots within the rotting body and releasing a stench of living decay that assailed Raven’s nostrils. There was no time to savor even this victory. If the Lords of the Jeweled Spider were to be trusted, then Cold Shadow was still trapped deep inside the temple. And try as he might, even Raven’s grim thoughts lightened at the thought of her angelic face.
Lost in a moment’s though, Raven realized that the High Slug wasn’t gurgling his last, but speaking in the hideous speech of his Elder Worm masters. With a mighty kick he sent the priest's body rolling down the stepped side of the pyramid, but it was too late. The sky cracked above the alter, and through the hole in reality rose a hideous form. It’s single huge eye surmounted a conical body made of bluish-black jelly, and from that eye sprouted hundreds of tentacles each tipped by maws filled with jagged teeth of metal and stone. Mgatrroar, one of Those Who Dwell in Bleakness, was nigh unto the world, and Raven faced him alone. Along, but for his courage, and the mighty blade Dispersion.”
(From an unpublished manuscript, “The Menace of Mgatrroar”, Purchased at estate auction of one C. Callston, author, on 09/20/99. The writing is best abominable, but it echoes strange truths.
- Tappan Arkwright III}


Perk Objective[]