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The New Pollution
The New Pollution
Lore Perk
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Perk Points 10

The New Pollution is a Lore Perk.


VIPER has been conducting experiments in the area, and the chemicals they're using in their facilities have contaminated the Rime Woods. The wildlife has mutated and become unusually aggressive, posing a threat to anyone in the area.


"The New Pollution" can be earned by completing a series of missions. Progressing naturally through the quests given by Lt Douglas McKenzie, found within Force Station Steelhead, will take a character through the majority of them. These missions take place in the Rime Woods region of the Canadian Wilderness, were the final Mission required for the Perk can be obtained.

This Perk is Bugged!
Required Mission Hiker's Horror Removed from Game Before Live; Has Yet to be Reimplemented.