The New Purple Gang is a group of thugs operating in Millennium City, formed and led by Kevin Poe. Comprised of members from diverse backrounds, they deal primarily in drugs and bank and jewelry store theft. Their name is drawn from The Purple Gang, a group of thugs that arose in Detroit in the 1920's, and like their namesake they're known for wearing clothes in a shade of purple reminiscent of meat turned rotten.[1][2]

Background Edit

The New Purple Gang is the creation of Kevin Poe who, in 1998, arrived in Millennium City intent on building a power base with which to bring down the organization known as PSI. He earned a position of power in one of the City's existing gangs, intent on molding them into a force he could use to accomplish his goals. Raids on armories run by the Millennium City Police Department and PRIMUS have allowed Poe to equip his followers, and news of the New Purple Gang's successes resulted in a swelling of their numbers.[2][3]

Recently Poe has turned his attention toward increasing the size of the New Purple Gang even more. A gang war has broken out in Millennium City's West Side; the New Purples are attempting to force lesser gangs, such as the Black Aces, the Maniacs, and the Cobra Lords, to join them. Signs point to the fact that Poe is making his final preparations to strike against PSI, and he has even contacted the weapons genius Waylon Talos to provide high-tech arms with which to equip his men.

New Purple Gang Perks Edit

Faction Symbol The New Purple Gang 001
Faction Symbol The New Purple Gang 002 Deep Purple
Faction Symbol The New Purple Gang 003 Purple Haze
Perk Vanquished Kevin Poe Vanquished Kevin Poe
Perk Vanquished Tachyon Vanquished Tachyon

New Purple Gang Mobs Edit

The New Purple Gang utilizes a typical gang organization, with lower-level members serving as common thugs and more powerful individuals acting as enforcers. The leader of the group, Kevin Poe, is not afraid to hire mercenaries when they can assist him in attaining his objectives.

Henchmen Edit

Associate (West Side)
Blade Man (West Side)
Earner (West Side)
Associate Blade Man Earner

Villains Edit

Heavy (West Side)
Hired Muscle (West Side)
Heavy Hired Muscle

Master Villains Edit

Waylon Talos (West Side)

Super Villains Edit

Kevin Poe
Tachyon (West Side)
Kevin Poe Tachyon Frank Zaretti

References Edit

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