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The Overbrain
The Overbrain
Master Villain
Faction The Brain Trust
Level 11
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead

The Overbrain wishes to use me to enslave the Hunter-Patriots so that they might become a private army. I wish only to be free, but I am weakening. Without the technology you just destroyed, The Overbrain will find it a difficult task to break my defenses, but that does not mean he will not eventually succeed. I fear I will not last much longer, {name}. The Overbrain and his simian teammate, Ape Plus are not as easily defeated as other members of the Brain Trust. If you can, convince another hero to assist you. Help me {name}!

- Giant Brain's Astral Projection -- Mission Introductory Text: Brain Storming

The Overbrain is the leader of the Brain Trust, a misfit group of five supervillains. Nothing more than a brain in a floating jar, though admittedly a rather advanced brain in a floating jar, the Overbrain is not one for melee combat; its constant bodyguard is the sentient gorilla, Ape-Plus. The Brain Trust is at Force Station Steelhead in an attempt to enslave the Hunter-Patriots in the area, with the use of a cloned brain created by the villain Teleios.


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