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The PSI Conspiracy
The PSI Conspiracy
Lore Perk
Zone Millennium City

The PSI Conspiracy is a Lore Perk.


What sinister connections bind together Millennium City's Purple Gang, the self-help group Mind Inc., and the sinister organization of evil mentalists known as PSI?'


Something that few people realize binds the New Purple Gang, Mind, Inc., and PSI together. Uncovering the secrets that link these groups is an adventure that spans most of Millennium City.


Lore Entry

What started out as hints of a larger plan behind the gang war in Westside proved to be a much larger threat. The Neww Purple Gang's resurgence was sending many of Westside's gangs running for cover. As you fought them, you discovered that the real reason behind their rise to power was the brilliant and charismatic leadership of a young man named Kevin Poe. Poe was organizing the gang for more than just territory and ill-gotten gains, however. It seemed that he was intent on using the New Purple Gang's power to attack the members of the self-help group Mind Inc. Even after dealt with Wayland Talos, Poe's weapon supplier, Poe escaped and continued to strike against Mind Inc.

Later, you finally caught Poe, but started to find more and more evidence that something really was wrong at Mind Inc, and that Poe might have been involved in it somehow. The big break through came when you learned that Mind Inc was a front organization for the villainous psychic organization PSI. They'd used mind control to feed you misinformation through your contacts, to help eliminate their enemies. But they'd over-done it when they tried to kidnap and brainwash Mayor Biselle's daughter Breanna. With many of their mind controlled victims freed, you were able to take on the leaders of PSI and rescue the girl. The PSI conspiracy was foiled.